Signs Your Digital Signs Call for Repairs

As a matter of fact, there will come a time when your LED signs installed will require repairs and servicing. It is a need you cannot avoid no matter what. These signs are prone to the effects of wear as a result of various issues such as exposure to the elements to mention but a few, including damage by human activities and accidents.

Digital signs used outdoors are quite imperative when it comes to your indoor electronic message boardsas a business. It is important to make sure that they are ever in their best possible condition. However as we have already noted, over time, they tend to suffer damage and will not be in their best shape and state as to get you the much needed service. The following is a rundown on some of the most common and important red flags you need to be on the lookout for so as to make sure that your signs are properly maintained and are ever in their best possible condition always.

Look at the pixel pitch. As a matter that you need to be so keen on when looking at your LED signs is this issue of pixel pitch. There are some of these digital signs that happen to be so difficult to read for the fact of there being an issue with the pixel pitch. Pixel pitch defines the spacing between the LEDs. When this is too wide, reading the sign may be way too difficult. It is often advisable to ensure that the LEDs are as close to one another as can be to make reading easier. Too wide a spacing of the LEDs makes the letters appear grainy as such distorting the information in one way or another which means that the signs may not perform well their function. As such in the event that you have realized that your sign is proving difficult to read, then you need to consider this a sure sign of the need to upgrade the sign repair company, with attention to the pixel pitch.

Heat is a cause of damage to the LED signs we often have installed outdoors. This is in most cases as a result of ineffective ventilation. Bear in mind the fact that any device that produces light will as well emit heat. Now, in the event that the digital sign is having some problem emitting heat, then you are most obviously staring at an increase in the maintenance costs and repairs as well. And most probably, the whole may end up breaking down. In the event that this is noticed, consider this as well a sure sign for having your LED signs repaired. Look for more information about signs at

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